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Focal embracing assistive technology

Focal Community Services (Focal) has formed an exciting collaboration with LifeTec Australia, a social enterprise that provides dedicated assistive technology services. The collaboration was announced at Focal’s recent launch of their new branding and services. “What this means for the community is that Focal not only provides disability support for individuals and their loved ones, but Focal can better their lives through practical living solutions,” explains Focal’s CEO, Mickael Blanc.

What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology (AT) is any product, device or system that provides people with practical solutions to everyday living activities. AT helps millions of people learn, work, socialise, achieve independence, or simply get more out of their lives. Examples of AT include aids for daily living, seating and positioning, mobility and recreation, home and workplace modifications including computer access, environmental control systems and augmentative communication devices.

Who uses assistive technology?

Anyone can use AT regardless of their age and lifestyle, including children, young people, adults and seniors. AT caters to all intellectual, physical and sensory disabilities, including Down syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, blindness, deafness and other sensory impairments.

LifeTec works with all consumers and service providers to reach their AT goals. They are registered to provide NDIS, My Aged Care, DVA, Medicare and EPC.

Anyone can use assistive technology, regardless of their age and lifestyle.

How does Focal collaborate with LifeTec?

Focal recently unveiled the LifeTec Hub at their North Ipswich office. This Hub can be accessed by individuals, their families and carers to consult directly with LifeTec’s experienced health professionals. These consultations can range from original need assessments, to final product costs and specifications.

Focal can work with you and your loved ones to design and manage your NDIS Plan, as per your needs and goals. Our plan management and support coordination services ease all the complexities associated with your NDIS plan.

How does LifeTec provide assistive technology?

LifeTec’s four-step, evidence-based clinical model enables you to:

  • Imagine the possibilities, imagine the things you want to do, and learn what products or technologies could help achieve this. Contact LifeTec for a free NDIS pre-plan appointment.
  • Seek information and advice on the best options to achieve your goals from experienced therapists.
  • Choose the best option through a process of assessment, trial and prescription.
  • Live successfully with your AT. Once you have acquired your chosen AT, LifeTec can set-up, fit and train you on its use. They can also provide ongoing support as your needs change.

 What next?

To discuss Focal’s services, contact Focal on 3812 2014 or visit focal.org.au.

To discuss your AT requirements, contact LifeTec on 1300 543 383 or visit lifetec.org.au.