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Community and Events

What Cricket Means to the Kochmans (P2)

In Part One, I talked about how cricket means different things to different people. I alluded to the different ways in which John and his son, Thomas, play their cricket. John plays blind cricket for Queensland, using a rattling ball, larger stumps and other modifications. Thomas, who has Autism and ADHD, plays in a Level One division where the rules are adjusted to foster a fun, participative environment for children of all ages and abilities. The bottom line is that they both love playing cricket. Jodie is their biggest supporter, along with Focal and their respective cricketing communities. What I…

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Celebrating Christmas in the Park

Focal Community Services hosted its annual Christmas celebration last Thursday, titled “Christmas in the Park”. Around 130 people attended the free community event at Browns Park, North Ipswich, including Focal clients, their families, organisational life members, and community members and representatives. “This was a wonderful event for everyone involved,” says Mickael Blanc, Focal’s CEO. “Christmas is about friends, family and the community coming together to celebrate the holiday season.” In true Ipswich fashion, temperatures topped 35 degrees on Thursday. Yet the blazing sun was not enough to hamper the spirits of staff and clients setting up during the day, nor…

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What Cricket Means to the Kochmans (P1)

The summer of cricket is now underway in Australia. Cricket means different things to different people, but ultimately, it is a game which brings families together. If you don’t believe me, just ask The Kochmans. John, Jodie and son Thomas are a cricket-loving family residing in Ipswich. John lives with blindness, which he says he “hides pretty well.” No kidding, he is currently preparing to represent Queensland in the National Inclusion Championships in January. In what sport you may ask? Blind cricket. “We play games with a rattling ball,” John says. “You sort of get used to where the ball…

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Support Workers in High Demand

Focal Community Services (Focal) are looking for motivated and passionate support workers to join our fast-growing organisation. Focal is particularly interested in support workers who can share diverse skills, hobbies and interests with our clients. “The objective is for Focal staff to empower our clients to make a difference in the community,” says Focal’s CEO, Mickael Blanc. “Social enterprise and trades, especially for younger people, are avenues for growth which we want staff to drive forward.” Focal’s clients range from children and young adults, to adults, seniors and multicultural communities. The organisation supports individuals in the community and at home,…

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New Focal, Same Community

FOCAL Community Living Inc celebrated the launch of their new services last Wednesday, under the vibrant brand ‘Focal Community Services’. Over 60 people attended the free community event in North Ipswich, including Focal customers, their families, organisational life members and community representatives. “This was a fantastic event for all involved,” says CEO Mickael Blanc. “We are a community organisation at heart, so we will continue celebrating our journey as a community.” The transition to Focal Community Services marks the latest chapter in Focal’s history. “Our new brand represents having fun, choice, inclusion and empowerment,” explains Blanc. “The open circle shows…

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