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Community and Events

New Focal, Same Community

FOCAL Community Living Inc celebrated the launch of their new services last Wednesday, under the vibrant brand ‘Focal Community Services’.

Over 60 people attended the free community event in North Ipswich, including Focal customers, their families, organisational life members and community representatives.

“This was a fantastic event for all involved,” says CEO Mickael Blanc. “We are a community organisation at heart, so we will continue celebrating our journey as a community.”

The transition to Focal Community Services marks the latest chapter in Focal’s history. “Our new brand represents having fun, choice, inclusion and empowerment,” explains Blanc. “The open circle shows that we are accessible to all and promote real community connection.”

“We are not just a disability provider anymore—we support the community as a whole.”

Focal’s new brand in action at the launch on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

Along with the new branding, Blanc introduced Focal’s new partners in service provision. “LifeTec specialises in assistive technology provision, while First National on the Coast provides accommodation solutions.”

“What this means is that Focal can provide any service and tailor it to suit anyone’s needs.”

As much as Focal strives to support the community, community support is often a two-way street. “Ipswich City Council donated a Community Development Grant in February, which went towards new musical equipment and instruments for The Axegrinders. They put it to great use on Wednesday night.”

“We are grateful for all the support that we receive.”

Focal’s band “The Axegrinders” playing at the launch on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

With the NDIS now officially rolled out in Ipswich, the unknown has arrived. But as Focal continues embarking on its journey, the community will remain at the centre of everything Focal does.