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“Feel Safe” App for People with Disability

True Relationships & Reproductive Health (True) have developed a free educational resource for people with disability. True’s Feel Safe app profiles the stories of six young people and uses interactive games to teach personal safety in a fun and interactive way. The app reinforces information on:

  • types of touch
  • rules about touch
  • feelings
  • who to talk to if you need help
  • male and female body parts
  • wanted and unwanted touch
  • body warning signs

Young people and adults with disability face a higher risk of experiencing sexual abuse.

Feel Safe was developed in response to many requests from parents and carers, staff and educators for a resource which helps foster the development of personal safety skills for this group.

The app is designed for young people aged 12-16 with mild intellectual disability and/or ASD. Individuals with moderate learning needs and/or disability can also use Feel Safe with assistance.

The Feel Safe app can be accessed at this link: