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Understanding Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP) in NDIS: A Quick Guide

What is a PBSP (Positive Behaviour Support Plan) and how can a Focal Support Coordinator help with this?

Focal support coordinators work with clients who have Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP) all the time, we understand that they are individual plans with strategies developed to make a client’s life better in some way.

Today we are going to look at what is included in a PBSP, what sort of NDIS funding is needed and how a support coordinator can help you get a plan.

What is a PBSP?

PBSP’s are crafted with the aim of enhancing an individual’s well-being and overall life satisfaction, by focusing on the individual’s strengths, goals, wants, and needs, and implementing strategies that prioritize environmental changes and skill-building.

A PBSP is developed by a Behaviour Practitioner. Practitioners should have a comprehensive and person-centered approach to developing a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBSP) under the NDIS.

What should a PBSP include?

It’s especially important that the plan includes strategies to teach more appropriate replacement behaviors, helping the individual to navigate situations where behaviors of concern previously arose.

A plan should also have reactive strategies which are measures taken in response to specific behaviors or situations as they occur. These strategies are typically designed to manage or address immediate challenges or concerns rather than proactively preventing them.

Some plans will have restrictive practices included which are interventions or measures used to control a behaviour, movement or freedom of choice, which may restrict their rights and liberties.

Support person training, which is time spent with your supports and teaching them how to implement the strategies developed in the plan.

How can a Focal support coordinator help?

If you receive Relationships funding in your NDIS plan, your support coordinator can support you to find a behaviour practitioner who can develop a positive behaviour support plan.

Your support coordinator will keep a copy of your PBSP on file and will use the plan and information to work with your supports to ensure that everyone understands what the PBSP outlines. They will also gather evidence for the end of plan review or check in with the NDIS on how the plan has been working.

Your support coordinator can also help with writing a report to the NDIS to try and have Relationship funding added to a current plan, if there is evidence to support the request.

If you would like more information on Positive Behaviour Support Plans please contact supportcoordination@focal.org.au