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Support Workers in High Demand

By 15 September 2017No Comments

Focal Community Services (Focal) are looking for motivated and passionate support workers to join our fast-growing organisation. Focal is particularly interested in support workers who can share diverse skills, hobbies and interests with our clients.

“The objective is for Focal staff to empower our clients to make a difference in the community,” says Focal’s CEO, Mickael Blanc. “Social enterprise and trades, especially for younger people, are avenues for growth which we want staff to drive forward.”

Focal’s clients range from children and young adults, to adults, seniors and multicultural communities. The organisation supports individuals in the community and at home, especially in the areas of aged care and disability services.

“CDC and NDIS are providing opportunities not only for our clients, but the community as well,” continues Blanc. “Focal currently employs up to 100 staff, and is expected to employ 150 by the end of the year.”

Experience is not essential for applicants, with training being provided to those who are successful. Focal staff enjoy meaningful and fulfilling roles, as well as other incentives like flexible hours, job security, mentoring and coaching, tax incentives and professional development opportunities.

Focal delivers its services across the Greater Ipswich region, with expansion taking place across South-East Queensland. For more information, or to apply, please contact Focal today on 3812 2014 or visit focal.org.au.