Focal recognises the importance of supporting individuals with complex behaviours and their families and carers.

We recognise that people with complex behaviours should have just as much fun and opportunities as everyone else. Focal offers services to support people with complex behaviours. There is a small group service that encourages customers to learn and have fun: both in-centre and out in the community.

This group meets at our hub every day to enjoy a stimulating, sensory-rich range of activities, including community access. An emphasis is put on maintaining and developing existing skills, as well as introducing new concepts. We build strong friendships within the group and enjoy each other’s company.

This service runs on weekdays from 8:30am to 4:30pm in Ipswich.

The other service is for customers who live independently and require assistance with everyday living support. This can be support in community access, medical support, social and recreational activities, plus in-home support. The flexible nature of this service allows us to tailor it for each individual customer. This enables Focal to support a variety of complex behaviours.

For more information on Complex Behaviour Support, please contact David Parry, Support Officer, on 3812 2014 or