Focal runs a range of fun group support options to help you meet new people and gain new skills.

Even though these activities are group-oriented, we tailor them to suit your personal needs as much as we can.

Peer support

We recognise that people with complex behaviours should have just as much fun and opportunities as everyone else. Focal offers a small group service to support people with complex behaviours to learn and have fun: both in-centre and out in the community.

A small group of people with complex behaviours meet in our centre three days a week. This group is provided a stimulating, sensory-rich range of activities, which includes community access. An emphasis is put on maintaining and developing existing skills, as well as introducing new concepts.

We build strong friendships within the group and enjoy each other’s company.

This service runs Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm in Ipswich.

Focal can help you connect with your community in a meaningful way, by facilitating community access and developing strong relationships. Our experienced staff will assist you with whatever you want to do—whether it’s volunteering, shopping, or watching the Brisbane Broncos. Community access guides individuals towards a life of choice and independence.

Our clients love our group activities—both in-centre and in the community. The focus is on skill development, social interaction and fun for young people transitioning from school. Our activities are flexible and centred around what you want to do.


The Focal Men’s Shed is a place where everyone can come and engage in projects. Our machines are accessible for creating woodwork, such as our chopping board for sale.

The Handyman Group comes together at the Focal Community Centre each Thursday morning. Here we participate in projects such as woodwork, maintenance, gardening and cooking. New members are always welcome.

Our social circle is a group of older customers who get together to engage in activities and build new friendships. This suits anyone that wants to be active in the community, but doesn’t share the same interests as children and young people.

Some activities include day trips to RAAF museum and Cooneana Heritage Centre, lunches at Queen’s park Café and RSL, arts and crafts, plus game days—including bingo, cards and board games.

The group also invites guest speakers to speak about healthy living and other topics. We can also assist with the provision of assistive technology.