Welcome to our new website!

Focal Community Services (Focal) is proud to launch its new website. The new website will allow Focal to connect more effectively with its stakeholders, by increasing user interactivity and engagement. Our goal is for customers to feel empowered while accessing our services, as well as taking a proactive role in the redevelopment of Focal’s services.

Since January 2017, Focal has collaborated with Pixel Palace on the features of the new website. The team has therefore integrated multimedia and social media—to provide customers with a ‘one-stop shop’ experience. This allows everyone to access our social hub and information about services, as well as the latest news and events.

WordPress was chosen as the site’s Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is a modern and easy-to-use platform, which can be accessed across any device: desktop, tablet or mobile. Aside from being user-friendly, the platform utilises tools such as Google Translate for Focal’s multicultural communities, and text enlargement for the vision impaired. Additional features include a live chat, PayPal payment system, and MailChimp email integration—which allows customers to stay connected with FOCAL anywhere, anytime.

The new website also introduces customers to Focal’s new branding. The branding will be finalised in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! For other web-related queries, please use our live chat feature. Alternatively, you can contact Greg Salmon, Marketing & Communications Support Officer, at GregS@focal.org.au or (07) 3812 2014.