Building a strong, dynamic community services organisation can only be achieved through mutual partnerships and relationships.

Focal works with other not-for-profits; local, state and federal governments; corporate partners and individuals to build a sustainable, inclusive community.

Focal acknowledges the Ipswich City Council and their support through a community grant. This helped fund our 40th Anniversary book, ‘40 Years of FOCAL’. This book is available for sale from Focal’s office (6 Canning St) for $15.00.

The Ipswich City Council have also supported the Ipswich siblings network activities, and community events like the Christmas Celebration in Browns Park. Most recently, they helped Focal install a new ramp, increasing the accessibility of our office.

Focal gratefully receives funding from the Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services; Department of Education and Training; Department of Health; Department of Families and Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. We are also proudly supported by the local community.

Focal facilitates the strategic collaboration between organisations to increase their proactivity in the community. We do this by connecting with those organisations, and enabling them to create value where it is needed.

Focal can link with employers and/or employees to either give resources that will be used meaningfully, or use resources (when they are provided pro-bono) to make a life-changing impact.

Recently, our customers were given free tickets by the Brisbane Broncos. Thank you Broncos!

Focal is striving for $150,000 in corporate contributions by the end of the next financial year. This would fund our vacation and after school care services until July 2018, by which everyone would have fully transitioned into NDIS.

However, in the future, some families will not be making the transition. It is important that we support those people. We have individuals needing a level of support per year. Just imagine the cost when $150 buys a child one day of vacation care.

Work with us, and together we can create value for the community.