Focal in 2016 identified that one in three clients needed a place to call home. For half of these clients, that need was critical. We decided to act and find a solution: Focal Realty.

Focal Community Services (Focal) has developed a strong collaboration with First National on the Coast, a real-estate provider at the Gold Coast. This relationship allows Focal to act as a real-estate agent, which supports individuals to find a place to call home.

Focal Realty provides the following services in South-East Queensland:

  • Wealth creation. Focal supports families and in particular ageing parents, to ensure their loved ones have a sustainable, long-term plan that addresses living arrangements and future expenses.
  • Access to property through purchase: Through First National, Focal has access to unique properties. Focal will help you to find something that matches your need, or alternatively, support you to build your dream home anywhere in South-East Queensland. Property access accommodates both individual and shared solutions.
  • Access to property through rent: Through a unique framework, Focal can support individuals towards finding their dream home. By being part of an extended community, Focal can connect you with other like-minded individuals who are interested in sharing a place to call home. Property access accommodates both individual and shared solutions.
  • Building. By partnering with a reputable builder, who developed more than 450 houses in South-East Queensland in 2016, Focal provides you with the opportunity to build from scratch. With more than 70 designs to choose from, we have something for everyone. These designs are adaptable to match your needs, as are some of the features—including home automation, sound proofing, ramping and railing.
  • Property management. If you own a property and are interested in supporting the community, Focal can ensure that your property is rented. This provides individuals with a place to call home.
  • Property maintenance. As part of its Social Enterprise eco-system, Focal provides multiple services to keep your house in shape. These services include, but are not limited to, handyman work, gardening, cleaning and home modifications.

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