Volunteering is a wonderful way to enrich other people’s lives. And in doing this, you get so much back.

Benefits of volunteering

  • Gaining a sense of meaning and giving back
  • Gaining new skills and boosting your career
  • Meeting new people
  • Connecting with your community

We are always looking for committed, positive volunteers who wish to share a skill or have time to share. We have a variety of volunteer roles. These include teaching new skills to our customers or being a companion to a person with disability. Other roles can include help with fundraising or administration assistance.

We are currently looking for volunteers for our:

  • companionship project
  • art project
  • social circle

To make your volunteering a success, we provide ongoing training and support.

How to volunteer at Focal

  1. Download an application form
  2. Fill it out, then email it back to us

To be eligible to volunteer you must hold a Blue Card (Check for working with children), or be eligible to hold a Blue Card. You must have a Blue Card before you start volunteering with us.


Volunteer roles

We have some volunteer positions that we would just love to fill: