At Focal, it’s not just what we stand for, but what we do. Our actions, our people, our services are all Focal values in action.


Our vision:

To create endless opportunities for all.

Our mission:

Focal empowers a life of choice by listening and working alongside you towards your goals.

Our values:

We listen and empower

We ask, we listen, and we find ways to empower you towards a life of choice.

It’s about you and your dreams

We discuss your life goals, and help you and your family towards achieving them.

We deliver what you need and want

We provide flexible, innovative supports that are tailored to suit you.

Real community connection

We find real ways to connect you into your community.

We go where you want and need

We support you where and when it is meaningful for you.

We provide a safe platform to nurture growth

We take your safety seriously, while balancing the dignity of risks.